Chapter Simulation Name Simulation ID Comments
Chapter 2
One-Dimensional Constant Acceleration sim1
Constant velocity versus constant acceleration sim3
Freefall sim2
Chapter 3
Vector Addition using Components sim43
Displacement Vector fig03_34
Chapter 4
Projectile Motion sim4
The Projectile Ball fig04_12
Falling Velocity fig04_15
Velocity and Acceleratoin fig04_18
Relative Velocities sim44
Chapter 5
Newton's First Law and Frames of Reference sim45
Newton's Second Law sim17
Atwood's machine sim20
Chapter 6
Stopping Distance of a Car sim10
Static Friction sim18
Gravitational and Frictional Force fig06_05
Kinetic Friction sim19
Circular Motion sim6
Chapter 7
Work and Energy sim7
Chapter 8
Block and Spring System fig08_03
Pendulum and Simple Harmonic Motion fig08_07
A Particle Moving Along an X Axis fig08_10
Chapter 9
An Object Tossed Along a Parabolic Path fig09_01
Conservation of Linear Momentum sim11
Ballistic Pendulum sim13
Collisions in One Dimension sim12
Chapter 10
Rigid Body Rotating the Z Axis fig10_02
Comparison of Translational and Rotational Motion sim14
Torque sim21
Newton's Second Law for Rotation sim23
Angular Velocity fig10_30
Chapter 11
Rolling Motion of a Wheel  fig11_04
Round Body Rolling Down a Ramp fig11_08
Torque Applied to a Wheel fig11_30
Chapter 12
Coefficient of Static Friction fig12_06
Rotational equilibrium sim22
Chapter 13
Universal Gravitation sim5
Chapter 15
Simple Harmonic Motion sim15
Particle Oscillating in Simple Harmonic Motion fig15_04
Conservation of Energy in a Spring-Mass System sim8
Pendulum Motion sim9
Chapter 16
Travelling Waves  sim24
Constructive and Destructive Interference sim25
Two Waves on the Same String fig16_19
Standing Waves sim27
Chapter 17
Ripple Tank Interference sim46
Beats sim26
Chapter 18
Ideal Gas Law sim28
Chapter 22
Electric Field from a Point Charge sim29
Chapter 23
Gauss' Law sim30
Field in a Parallel-Plate Capacitor sim31
Chapter 24
Electric Field Lines and Equipotential Surfaces fig24_03b
Electric Dipole fig24_03c
Electric Potential fig24_04
Chapter 27
Series and Parallel Circuits sim32
Light Bulb Circuit with a Switch sim33
Multi-Loop Circuit sim34
RC Circuit sim35
Chapter 28
Motion of a Charge in Electric and Magnetic Fields sim16
Chapter 29
Magnetic Feld from a Current Loop sim37
Magnetic Feld from a Long Straight Wire sim36
Magnetic Field from a Solenoid sim38
Chapter 30
Faraday's Law of Induction fig30_01
Electromagnetic Induction sim47
Chapter 31
AC Circuit with only One Circuit Element sim39
RLC Circuit sim40
Chapter 33
Electromagnetic Wave fig33_05
Refraction and Total Internal Reflection sim42
Chapter 34
Mirrors and Lenses sim41
Chapter 36
Interference of Light sim48
Chapter 38
Photoelectric Effect sim49