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 Materiali aggiuntivi

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Materiali aggiuntivi
Module 1. Understanding and Working with Electricity
Unit 1. What is Static Electricity?
Unit 2. Electrical Testing
Module 2. How Is Electricity Generated and Distributed?
Unit 3. Electric Motors and Generators
Unit 4. Geothermal Energy
Unit 5. Smart Meters Explained
Module 3. Gearing up with Electronics
Unit 6. History of Transistors
Unit 7. Reverse Engineering
Unit 8. The Guitar Amplifier
Module 4. Digital Electronics: What’s behind It?
Unit 9. Who Is George Boole and Why Is He Important?
Unit 10. DNA Computing
Unit 11. Saving Lives with Software
Module 5. Discovering Electronic Communications
Unit 12. Fibre Optics: a Global, Collaborative Invention
Unit 13. Mobile Etiquette
Module 6. Let’s Get Connected!
Unit 14. Communication Protocols
Unit 15. Censorship and the Internet
Module 7. Automation
Unit 16. How Is a Smart Home Green?
Unit 17. Artificial Intelligence
Module 8. Safety
Unit 18. First Aid
Unit 19. The Plan, Do, Check, Act Approach to Health and Safety