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Cd-rom 1

Section 1.3 Dictation, Norman castles
B2 Exams Exercise 2, First Listening ‒ Part 2
Text 1 Anonymous, Beowulf and Grendel: the fight
Text 2 Anonymous, Lord Randal
Section 1.13 Geoffrey Chaucer, Exercise 1
Text 3 Geoffrey Chaucer, The Prioress
Text 4 Geoffrey Chaucer, The Merchant
Text 5 Geoffrey Chaucer, The Wife of Bath
Topic Malala Yousafzai, Exercise 1
Section 2.4 Dictation, Guy Fawkes
B2 Exams Exercise 2, First Listening ‒ Part 4
Section 2.9 William Shakespeare, Exercise 1
Text 6 William Shakespeare, Shall I compare thee
Text 7 William Shakespeare, Like as the waves
Section 2.10 Romeo and Juliet, Exercise 1
Text 8 William Shakespeare, The masque
Text 9 William Shakespeare, The balcony scene
Text 10 William Shakespeare, The bond
Text 11 William Shakespeare, I am a Jew
Text 12 William Shakespeare, Hamlet meets the ghost
Text 12 Exercise 5
Text 13 William Shakespeare, To be or not to be

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Cd-rom 2

Text 14 William Shakespeare, Duncan’s murder
Text 15 William Shakespeare, A tale told by an idiot
Section 2.10 The Tempest, Exercise 1
Text 16 William Shakespeare, Prospero and Ariel
Text 17 William Shakespeare, Prospero and Caliban
Text 18 John Donne, The Sun Rising
Section 3.7 Dictation, Samuel Johnson’s dictionary
Text 19 Daniel Defoe, A dreadful deliverance
Text 20 Daniel Defoe, Man Friday
Section 3.10 Gulliver’s Travels, Exercise 1
Text 21 Jonathan Swift, The projectors
Text 21 Exercise 8

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Cd-rom 3

B2 Exams Exercise 3, First Listening ‒ Part 1
Section 4.3 Dictation, National heroes
Text 22 William Blake, London
Text 23 William Blake, The Lamb
Text 23 Exercise 4
Text 24 William Blake, The Tyger
Section 4.10 Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, Exercise 1
Text 25 Mary Shelley, The creation of the monster
Text 26 William Wordsworth, Composed upon Westminster Bridge
Text 26 Exercise 4
Text 27 William Wordsworth, Daffodils
Section 4.12 The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Exercise 1
Text 28 Samuel Taylor Coleridge, The killing of the Albatross
Text 29 George Gordon Byron, Manfred’s torment
Text 30 Percy Bysshe Shelley, Ode to the West Wind
Text 31 John Keats, La Belle Dame sans Merci
Text 31 Exercise 4
Section 4.16 Jane Austen, Exercise 1
Text 32 Jane Austen, Mr and Mrs Bennet

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Cd-rom 4

Section 5.1 Dictation, The Great Exhibition
B2 Exams Exercise 2, First Listening ‒ Part 2
Section 5.8 Dictation, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Text 33 Charles Dickens, Mr Gradgrind
Text 33 Exercise 4
Text 34 Charles Dickens, Coketown
Text 35 Charlotte Brontë, Jane and Rochester
Text 36 Emily Brontë, I am Heathcliff
Text 36 Exercise 4

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Cd-rom 5

Section 5.12 Thomas Hardy, Exercise 1
Text 37 Thomas Hardy, Alec and Tess
Text 38 Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll’s experiment
Text 39 Oscar Wilde, The painter’s studio
Text 40 Oscar Wilde, Dorian’s death
Section 5.15 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Exercise 1
Text 41 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Public shame
Section 5.16 Moby-Dick, Exercise 2
Text 42 Herman Melville, Captain Ahab
Text 43 Walt Whitman, O Captain! my Captain!
Text 44 Emily Dickinson, Hope is the thing with feathers
Text 45 Emily Dickinson, Because I could not stop for Death

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Cd-rom 6

Section 6.1 Dictation, The Suffragettes
B2 Exams Exercise 2, IELTS Listening – Section 3
Text 46 Rupert Brooke, The Soldier
Text 47 Wilfred Owen, Dulce et Decorum Est
Section 6.12 William Butler Yeats, Exercise 1
Text 48 William Butler Yeats, Easter 1916
Text 49 William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming
Section 6.13 The Waste Land, Exercise 1
Text 50 Thomas Stearns Eliot, The Burial of the Dead
Text 50 Exercise 3
Text 51 Wystan Hugh Auden, Refugee Blues
Text 52 Wystan Hugh Auden, The Unknown Citizen
Text 53 Joseph Conrad, A slight clinking
Section 6.16 Edward Morgan Forster, Exercise 1
Text 54 Edward Morgan Forster, Aziz and Mrs Moore

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Cd-rom 7

Section 6.17 James Joyce, Exercise 1
Text 55 James Joyce, Eveline
Text 56 Virginia Woolf, Clarissa and Septimus
Text 57 George Orwell, Big Brother is watching you
Text 58 George Orwell, Room 101
Section 6.20 The Great Gatsby, Exercise 1
Text 59 Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Nick meets Gatsby
Section 6.21 A Farewell to Arms, Exercise 1
Text 60 Ernest Hemingway, There is nothing worse than war
Section 6.22 John Steinbeck, Exercise 1
Text 61 John Steinbeck, From fear to anger

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Cd-rom 8

Section 7.2 Dictation, Protest songs
B2 Exams Exercise 2, IELTS Listening – Section 2
Text 62 Philip Larkin, Annus Mirabilis
Text 63 Seamus Heaney, Digging
Text 64 Seamus Heaney, Punishment
Section 7.14 William Golding, Exercise 1
Text 65 William Golding, The end of the play
Text 66 Ian McEwan, A racy attack
Section 7.16 Waiting for Godot, Exercise 1
Text 67 Samuel Beckett, Waiting
Section 7.17 Jack Kerouac, Exercise 1
Text 68 Jack Kerouac, We moved!
Section 7.18 Don DeLillo, Exercise 1
Text 69 Don DeLillo, Down the tower
Text 70 Nadine Gordimer, Back home

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