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 Audio vol. 2

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Cd-rom 1

Section 5.1 Dictation, The Great Exhibition
B2 Exams Exercise 2, First Listening ‒ Part 2
CLIL Science Exercise 1
Section 5.11 Dictation, The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Text 58 Alfred Tennyson, Ulysses
Text 58 Exercise 2
Section 5.14 Oliver Twist, Exercise 1
Text 59 Charles Dickens, The workhouse
Text 60 Charles Dickens, Oliver wants some more
Text 60 Exercise 4
Text 61 Charles Dickens, Mr Gradgrind
Text 61 Exercise 4
Text 62 Charles Dickens, Coketown

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Cd-rom 2

Text 63 Charlotte Brontë, Women feel just as men feel
Text 63 Exercise 3
Text 64 Charlotte Brontë, Jane and Rochester
Text 65 Charlotte Brontë, Catherine’s ghost
Text 66 Charlotte Brontë, I am Heathcliff
Text 66 Exercise 4
Text 67 Charlotte Brontë, Heathcliff’s despair
Section 5.16 Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Exercise 2
Text 68 Lewis Carroll, A mad tea party

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Cd-rom 3

Section 5.17 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Exercise 1
Text 69 Nathaniel Hawthorne, Public shame
3 Section 5.18 Moby-Dick, Exercise 2
Text 70 Herman Melville, Captain Ahab
Text 71 Herman Melville, The whiteness of the whale
Text 71 Exercise 4
Text 72 Walt Whitman, O Captain! my Captain!
Text 73 Walt Whitman, Song of the Open Road
Text 74 Emily Dickinson, Hope is the thing with feathers
Text 75 Emily Dickinson, Because I could not stop for Death
Section 5.21 Thomas Hardy, Exercise 1
Text 76 Thomas Hardy, Alec and Tess
Text 77 Thomas Hardy, Tess’s baby
Text 78 Thomas Hardy, Little Father Time
Text 78 Exercise 4

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Cd-rom 4

Text 79 Robert Louis Stevenson, Story of the door
Text 79 Exercise 3
Text 80 Robert Louis Stevenson, Jekyll’s experiment
Section 5.23 Rudyard Kipling, Exercise 1
Text 81 Rudyard Kipling, The mission of the coloniser
Text 82 Oscar Wilde, The preface
Text 83 Oscar Wilde, The painter’s studio
Text 84 Oscar Wilde, Dorian’s death
Text 85 Oscar Wilde, The interview
Text 85 Exercise 4
Section 5.25 George Bernard Shaw, Exercise 1
Text 86 George Bernard Shaw, Mother and daughter

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Cd-rom 5

Section 6.1 Dictation, The Suffragettes
CLIL Philosophy Exercise 1
CLIL Philosophy Exercise 6
B2 Exams Exercise 2, IELTS Listening – Section 3
Text 87 Rupert Brooke, The Soldier
Text 88 Wilfred Owen, Dulce et Decorum Est
Section 6.12 Siegfried Sassoon, Exercise 1
Text 89 Siegfried Sassoon, Glory of Women
Section 6.13 William Butler Yeats, Exercise 1
Text 90 William Butler Yeats, Easter 1916
Text 91 William Butler Yeats, The Second Coming
Section 6.14 The Waste Land, Exercise 1
Text 92 Thomas Stearns Eliot, The Burial of the Dead
Text 92 Exercise 3
Text 93 Thomas Stearns Eliot, The Fire Sermon
Text 94 Wystan Hugh Auden, Refugee Blues
Text 95 Wystan Hugh Auden, The Unknown Citizen
Text 96 Joseph Conrad, A slight clinking
Text 97 Joseph Conrad, The horror

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Cd-rom 6

Section 6.17 David Herbert Lawrence, Exercise 1
Text 98 David Herbert Lawrence, Mr and Mrs Morel
Text 99 David Herbert Lawrence, The rose bush
Section 6.18 Edward Morgan Forster, Exercise 1
Text 100 Edward Morgan Forster, Chandrapore
Text 101 Edward Morgan Forster, Aziz and Mrs Moore
Section 6.19 James Joyce, Exercise 1
Text 102 James Joyce, Eveline
Text 103 James Joyce, Gabriel’s epiphany
Text 103 Exercise 4
Text 104 James Joyce, Where was his boyhood now?

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Cd-rom 7

Text 105 Virginia Woolf, Clarissa and Septimus
Text 106 Virginia Woolf, Clarissa’s party
Text 107 George Orwell, Big Brother is watching you
Text 108 George Orwell, Room 101
Section 6.22 The Great Gatsby, Exercise 1
Text 109 Francis Scott Fitzgerald, Nick meets Gatsby
Section 6.23 A Farewell to Arms, Exercise 1
Text 110 Ernest Hemingway, There is nothing worse than war
Text 111 Langston Hughes, The Weary Blues
Section 6.25 John Steinbeck, Exercise 1
Text 112 John Steinbeck, From fear to anger

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Cd-rom 8

Section 7.2 Dictation, Protest songs
B2 Exams Exercise 2, IELTS Listening – Section 2
CLIL Art Exercise 7
Text 113 Philip Larkin, Annus Mirabilis
Text 114 Seamus Heaney, Digging
Text 115 Seamus Heaney, Punishment
Section 7.14 William Golding, Exercise 1
Text 116 William Golding, The end of the play
Text 117 Doris Lessing, The bush avenged itself
Text 118 Ian McEwan, A racy attack
Section 7.17 Waiting for Godot, Exercise 1
Text 119 Samuel Beckett, Waiting

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Cd-rom 9

Section 7.18 Look Back in Anger, Exercise 1
Text 120 John Osborne, Jimmy’s anger
Section 7.19 Jack Kerouac, Exercise 1
Text 121 Jack Kerouac, We moved!
Section 7.20 Don DeLillo, Exercise 1
Text 122 Don DeLillo, Down the tower
Text 123 Salman Rushdie, 15th August 1947
Text 124 Nadine Gordimer, Back home

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